Clara lezla is a french graphic designer and artist, currently living and working in the Netherlands. She is a member of the artist-run space Trixie The Hague, and takes care of its visual communication since 2021. (alongside Selina Landis)

As a graphic designer, Lezla offers creative direction, conception and design. Her work is mainly grounded within the cultural sector where she collaborates with different institutons, artists and other designers.

As an artist, Lezla’s work focus on storytelling and popular visual references rooted in fairy tales, myth and cinema. Through various experimental craft techniques, she explores the different ways in which fiction and stories take shape in tangible locations and space. Looking at her work, you can recognize the influence of video games, cartoons and fairground culture mixed with an interest for animism and rituals.

Professional experiences
In-house graphic designer with Selina Landis for the artist run space Trixie, The Hague. (2020–NOW)
Assistant for Kévin Bray at Rijks Academie,and at ISO, Amsterdam (2019) and (2021)
Artistic Director, graphic designer at Team Thursday studio, Rotterdam (2016)
Artistic Directior, graphic Designer at Ludovic Laurent studio, Paris (2015)

Exhibitions / Participation

“Disney: The Architecture of Staged Realities” exhibition, CAPC, Bordeaux (FR) (March) 2023)

Artist Residency at U10, Belgrade (SB) (June 2023)
Tiny Art Gallery, group exhibition, at FigTree, SOFIA (BL) (April 2023)
De Braid, Maastricht Institute of Art, Eidhoven (2022)
De Grote Keramiek Show, exhibition, 2nd Edition, OutsiderLand, SexyWorld, Amsterdam (2022)
Open Day Campaign Design, Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague (2022)
Meinung Austeilen, exhibition, Welovescool, Vienna. (2021)
F1 Flag Show exhibition, Trixie The Hague, Den Haag (2021)
Disney: The Architecture of Staged Realities, exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (2021–2022)
Elaboration of the exhibition “Rijks Open” for Kévin Bray, at Rijks Academie, Amsterdam (2019)
Elaboration of exhibition for “Future, Ancien, Fugitifs” for Kévin Bray, at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2019)

Publication / Mentionned
Wxtch Craft Zine – Spring – Studium Generale (KABK) (2022)
AEX Architectures – Exhibitons Internationales (2022)Architecture of Staged Realities
Examines Disney’s Lasting Cultural impact, Hypebeast – Hypeart (2022)

Bachelor Graphic Design, Royal Academy of Art (KABK),The Hague, Netherlands, (2016–2020)
BTS Graphic Design, option in printed medias,Ecole Estienne, Paris, (2013–2015)

Collaborated with
Kévin Bray
Jan Hoek
Saskia Van Stein
Carmen de la Roca
Tommy Smits
Diana Gheorghiu
Dayna Casey
RJM Van der Heyden
Selina Landis
Anne Marie Wadlow
Maarten Brijker
Laura Jatkowski
Sophie Steengracht

Graphic design for the overarching Trixie’s May program called: “From Dusk til Dawn”. Within this triptych of exhibitions, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Helmi Nieminen & Milou van Vlijmen and Carmen Roca Igual presented their latest creations over the course of three weekends in the format of solo and duo presentations.

In collaboration with Selina Landis.